The Protagonist

A month ago, I moved to San Francisco, California. I put just about everything I could fit on my two carry-ons and one checked bag and then took off.

I was 19 at the time (I just recently celebrated my 20th birthday) and knew absolutely nobody the day I landed in SFO. But, what is life except a chance to experience new places and people? Yes, at times it has been lonely, hard, and even a little uncomfortable (Couch surfing is not always luxurious). Despite the few days and nights of hardship, I can already say that the experience has been worth it. There is a story unfolding and I am the protagonist. Nothing can be more fulfilling.

Thanks to Jude Gomila, Immad Akhund, James Smith, and the rest of the Heyzap team for getting me out here and being so helpful and kind this past month. The team as well as the great roommates I have lucked out in living with the past month have really padded my landing here in Northern California. For that, I will always be appreciative. And because of them, I cannot wait to wake up every morning (even with a 30 minute commute ahead of me).

I can’t end a series of thank-you’s without thanking my wonderful parents, brother, and friends back home. Your support means everything.